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Behind the Wheel ...with DJ Zinhle

This hot musical talent stepped onto the scene when DJing was still very much a man’s world. Her passion, when she’s not behind the turntables, is to empower talented young women to conquer a career in the entertainment industry, just as she has.

Return of a Golden Oldie Blast from the past

Cars come and go; some impress while others fail to make an impact. But iconic cars like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Mini Cooper, and the Ford Mustang have stood the test of time - strong enough to inspire a new generation of drivers while still providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The Riel Renaissance Being among the best of the best

"The Riel is part of the culture...owned by these communities...and it’s being celebrated as a heritage worth appreciating."

GEAR UP FOR WINTER Keep warm in high tech fashion!

Who doesn't love a good gadget?

Dlinza Forest and Aerial Boardwalk A magical forest walk in Kwazulu Natal

It’s certainly rare to come across an indigenous forest in the heart of an urban area – but we found it!

Driving on Top of the World Often dangerous, certainly spectacular

Adventure awaits around every corner of our country, but one sure way to discover new heights is to explore SA’s many mountain passes. Navigate the sometimes narrow, often dangerous, and certainly spectacularly scenic roads and be rewarded with a driving experience of a lifetime!

Spiritual Retreats for the Soul Searcher For those wanting to reflect....

If recent trends are to be believed, the world seems to have come full circle as the desire for reviving retreats gain popularity. Tourists are now seeking out soulful experiences that take them beyond the realms of superficial pleasures to a place where the focus is on health, contemplation and being close to nature.

Beeld show We look forward to the 2017 edition!

The Beeld Holiday Show 2017 is set to offer all adventure seekers and holidaymakers some travel inspiration and the best products and prices for your dream trip!

Bite-Sized Hatchbacks Which one would you go for?

As little as ten years ago, if anyone had offered you a car with a 1.0 litre engine, you would have laughed at them. But as technology advances and the demand for more economical, environmentally friendly cars increases, it seems every manufacturer is clamouring to produce the best small car on the road.

Behind the Wheel with Danny K SA music legend shares some personal travel insights and offers a few handy tips to local road trippers...

"I never travel without a pair of Rocka headphones."

 “This is the era of women empowerment and women need to realise this…” A real blast from the past that also fits comfortably in a modern age of family motoring. Die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers at Bushmans Kloof Dlinza Forest Sani Pass, Drakensberg “…the unique design does make you stand up and take notice.” Get advice from the locals on where to eat and where to visit.  Don’t be afraid to ask.
“This is the era of women empowerment and women need to realise this…”

 “This is the era of women empowerment and women need to realise this…”A real blast from the past that also fits comfortably in a modern age of family motoring.Die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers at Bushmans KloofDlinza ForestSani Pass, Drakensberg“…the unique design does make you stand up and take notice.”Get advice from the locals on where to eat and where to visit.  Don’t be afraid to ask.

onRouteMagazine One of the oldest dance forms in https://t.co/MDgemE6nxC South Africa is making a comeback 25 days - reply - retweet - favorite

Great Saving Tips for Your Year-End Holiday Don’t wait until the end of the year to realize you can’t afford the holiday you deserve!
Cash is King Using cash will make you think longer and harder before letting it go. Plastic is impersonal - you can swipe your fortune away on a credit or debit card without even

home sweet home.jpg
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SA: A Global Mountain Biking Hotspot! Some of the most unique riding experiences
The sport of mountain biking has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, with South Africa at the forefront. Our fantastic weather and incredible scenery has played its part of course, but it’s the outdoor, adventure-loving nature of South Africans that’s really fueled SA’s rise as a global mountain biking hotspot.

Ashburton Investments National MTB Series-7957.jpg
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For the Love of the Game Sport and Outdoor Adventure Photographer Zoon Cronje
Hanging out of helicopters, racing off-road in my Pajero, trail running or hiking through rough terrain lugging the necessary gear have become my weekend activities, and fuel my passion even further!

zoon 2.jpg
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Foodie Adventures Guided Holidays and ‘Be My Guest’ experiences
Ticking off a bucket list of destinations is one thing, but today’s traveler wants more than that! Here are our top 2016 foodie experiences to feed your soul…

Italy Maggiore.jpg
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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Tours of the farm are rich in beauty and packed with facts
You don’t need to travel to the depths of Colombia to explore an authentic working coffee farm. Local coffee tours are packed with culture and history, and include fascinating visits to the plantation sites, coffee fields, roasters, and on-site cafés. It’s a wonderful winter travel experience!

espresso machine.jpg
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Anvil Brewery Handcrafted drafts and hearty pub fare in Dullstroom
A short drive to the edge of town is well worth it when you experience this owner-run gem!

anvil brewery.jpg
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Franschhoek Motor Museum Step into car heaven in the Western Cape
You don’t have to be a petrol-head to enjoy this extraordinary museum.

Franschhoek Motor Museum.jpg
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Wondergat Cave Diving An unforgettable fresh-water diving experience in the North West
An unforgettable fresh-water diving experience!

wondergat cave diving.jpg
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Wild Oats Community Farmers’ Market Fresh local foods in a beautiful country atmosphere on the Garden Route
This very special community farmers' market is located on the outskirts of the tiny coastal town of Sedgefield.

Wild Oats veg shopper.JPG
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Blink n Miss It Beautiful landscapes and beautiful people
Looking for a uniquely distinctive experience?

Red Desert.JPG
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Shopping for a New Car? Maintaining a constant speed
Buying a car is one of the most important purchases you’ll make. Here are some of the latest cutting- edge safety features to look out for when purchasing a new vehicle.

car safety features.jpg
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