God of War: Ascension (PS3)

Game Guru Rates it: 88%

One of the most successful franchises in PlayStation history came to an end sometime ago, with the final instalment of Kratos’ story, in the last edition of God of War. But like all successful games, you can’t keep a good thing down and God of War: Ascension was quite literally born. Ascension follows Kratos from the beginning, before he became a blood thirsty, revenge driven demon, monster and God Slayer. Instead of following the same premise of the first instalments where Kratos is out to exact revenge on all who have wronged him, Ascension sees Kratos on a mission for answers and understanding. The creators of the game may have moved away from the original franchise, but the story is deep and detailed, and you as the player find yourself entwined in Kratos’ search for the truth. The story is detailed, the battle scenes and combat are superb and matched with unparalleled visuals; God of War is as much a work of art as it is a game.

God of War may have stepped off the beaten track to bring you something new to feed the addiction, and they may have lost the essence of what made the game such a revolution, but when it comes to an overall offering, this PlayStation game kicks some serious butt and we at onRoute loved every hour of it. We really hope that the story of Kratos will carry on without appearing to be just another spineless money making gimmick.