Behind the Wheel with...


The Opel Mokka X

A new Compact Utility Vehicle

“The Mokka X is a nimble city runaround that has a good engine which delivers ample power and great economy.”


Behind the Wheel

...with DJ Zinhle

This hot musical talent stepped onto the scene when DJing was still very much a man’s world. Her passion, when she’s not behind the turntables, is to empower talented young women to conquer a career in the entertainment industry, just as she has.


Katlego Maboe

To have a true South African experience one MUST…

Katlego Maboe has fast risen to become a star on SA’s media landscape. Not only is the young man a great singer, MC and presenter on our live morning show Espresso, but he is also a qualified accountant and a very likeable guy. His charisma, intelligence and wit make him a pleasure to wake up to...



Walk the Line

Practiced in the garden, on college campuses and in city parks, sometimes even 3000 feet above the ground! Some do it for fun, others for athletic benefit, and others still for meditative purposes.


Behind the Wheel

…with Donovan Goliath

"My career in comedy has taught me that this industry is cutthroat and if you blink for a second the next young star is coming up to take your place.."

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Behind the Wheel with…

Sam Cowen

Mother, author and popular weekend Breakfast Talk Show host, Sam covers it all on air from pop culture to political scandal. Here, she shares her best and worst holiday experiences, what makes her laugh and her secret obsession with knitting…

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Behind the Wheel with...

Claudine Ullman

Not just a wacky actress and stand-up comedienne but a determined entrepreneur introducing SA’s premiere improvisation troupe, Jittery Citizens, to local audiences.


Behind the Wheel with…

Pat Symcox

Once an opening batsman and premier spinner for the South African Proteas, Patrick Symcox eventually moved off the field and into the commentary box. Today he is a passionate golfer and runs a successful property company on the Durban South Coast.

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Behind the Wheel with...

Gareth Cliff

“My fantasy guest and ultimate travel companion for the greatest road trip of all time would be Charlie Sheen. Imagine the parties!”


Behind the wheel with…

Jason Goliath

Jason Goliath is a larger than life comedian known as the “strangely sexy fat guy”. Part of the Goliath and Goliath trio of funny men, Jason focuses on making audiences laugh at life’s uncomfortable truths…