A Refreshing list of the latest Spring Gadgets

  • by Nafisa Akabor
  • Sep 12, 2016
  • 342
For those mornings you need to ‘grab and go’

From road tripping and great outdoor adventures to high-tech home cleaning, healthy eating and keeping cool. Here are this season’s must-have gadgets!

Kenwood Smoothie2Go Blender 

Get ready to kick-start your healthy eating plan with The Kenwood Smoothie2Go Blender. It’s affordable, offers a great on-the-go solution, and blends fruit and vegetables smooth in just 20 seconds, even from frozen! One smoothie session will get you up to half-a-litre at a time, plus, it comes with two 500-millilitre convenient travel cups, for those mornings you need to ‘grab and go’. For healthier, lighter meals and drinks, why not download a free smoothie app and be spoilt with delicious choices every day.

From road tripping and great outdoor adventures to high-tech home cleaning, healthy eating and keeping cool. Here are this season’s must-have gadgets!

Price: R619


 Ultimate Ears Roll Bluetooth Speaker  

Don’t be fooled by the size of the Ultimate Ears Roll Speaker! It delivers loud, crisp 360-degree sound wherever you are for its pint-size. It’s portable enough to accompany you to the beach, picnics, outdoors, and well, just about anywhere. It has a nine-hour battery life and 20-metre wireless range. It’s also durable so you can dunk it, slam it, drop it, and throw it into the pool (one metre deep for up to 30 minutes!). If you’re having a party, the speaker can pair with up to eight devices, so everyone gets a chance to play their tunes.

Price: R1 999


 Taurus Hexa Stryker Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 

A robot that cleans your house? Yes, please! It feels like something out of a movie, but the Hexa Stryker automatic robot vacuum does exactly that, while you go about your day completing other tasks. It has three sensors designed to reach all corners of your house and two side brushes for thorough cleaning. It also boasts an anti-scratch protective band and the ability to store a large capacity of dirt. It is rechargeable and cleans for up to an hour. Now you can sit back, relax and let the robot do all the work.

Price: R999


 Dyson Bladeless Fan 

The Dyson Bladeless Fan is unlike any fan you’ve ever seen – it has no blades yet generates a powerful high-velocity airflow. It has also been engineered to be quieter than regular fans and uses less energy. The unusual design means no grilles or blades, making it easy to clean. It features ten different settings and has a magnetized remote control that can be stored on the fan itself. You can set a timer between 15 minutes and nine hours. This unique appliance is bound to turn heads but does come at a price.

R7 899


 LG 360 CAM 

Now that Facebook supports 360-degree photos, we’re seeing them all over our feed. The LG 360 CAM is a fun way to capture everything around you on your next adventure. It’s ultra-portable and has two buttons, power and shutter, so it’s really simple to operate. It can be mounted on a tripod, requires a memory card; and can be controlled via an Android or iOS app. You can shoot stills, videos (up to 20 minutes), and choose from 180- or 360-degree pictures. The ideal companion for your travels or family time.

Price: R3 199


 Kenu Airframe Plus

The Kenu Airframe Plus takes the hassle out of road trips. It cradles your smartphone or phablet from 3.5 inches all the way up to six inches on the dashboard, letting you keep your eyes on the road at all times. Get directions, take calls, or listen to music without fiddling with your phone while driving. The Airframe sits on an air vent and has a rotating clip, which can be mounted horizontally, vertically or angled. It can also be used on planes and trains by inserting a card from your wallet into the clip.

Price: R449


 Joby GorillaTorch Switchback

The GorillaTorch Switchback doubles up as a bright, compact lantern or headlamp, depending on your situation. It uses a single five-LED light array, which is quite powerful for running, camping or climbing at night. It has a rugged exterior with six brightness settings and adjustable dimmer and includes two white LEDs and two red ones. Battery life yields about 72 hours. It comes with a flexible stand and adapter clip, which can be used as a tripod. It’s also water resistant.

Price: R599


Grill Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

It’s 2016, which means you can check up on your braai meat using an app and Bluetooth thermometer. Think about it, the same way you would use jumper cables. One end of the gadget goes into your meat, with customizable modes for beef, lamb, chicken, veal, turkey, fish, etc., and the other into the thermometer. Once you link it to the app, available on Android and iOS, you can monitor the colour-changing display, so you know when your meat is perfectly done. Your friends would love it!

Price: R1 199