A road trip down memory lane with VW

Bucket List On-a-budget in the Eastern Cape

Volkswagen South Africa's high-tech, interactive expo and heritage centre takes you on a full-throttle journey from concept to classic, laser to legend, with the cars that defined the past and inspire the future.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology and unprecedented interactivity, the AutoPavilion in Uitenhage proudly showcases the evolution of the VW brand from the very first Beetle to the contemporary passenger and sports cars of today. Travel the world in an interactive "movie studio" Beetle complete with green screen technology, rub shoulders with icons of yesteryear such as Herbie or South Africa's oldest kombi, or simply watch in amazement as a car (sliced by a laser) folds in half. With amazing special effects and stunning interactive displays, the AutoPavilion provides the ultimate in edutainment.

Find the AutoPavilion next to VWSA's main entrance, 103 Algoa Rd, Uitenhage, call  041 994 5941, email autopavilion@vwsa.co.za or for more visit www.autopavilion.co.za

Images courtesy of Johan Viktor