Africa Silks Farm

Be reminded of the wonder of nature

Just five kilometres from God's Window in Graskop you can visit the only working silk farm in South Africa and be amazed to see the cocoons processed into the most beautiful threads. Here, previously unemployed women collect empty Mopani worm cocoons from nature and weave the raw silk into the most beautiful clothes, scarves, pillow cases, interiors, throws and bedspreads. These previously unemployed women all form a part of an important programme where mothers can earn a living without having to move away from their families to big cities. Every time another village gets involved, another link is added to this chain of upliftment. Currently there are about 50 women involved, but as the chain gets longer, more and more families will benefit. 

Experience an interesting guided tour of the farm, browse the beautiful showroom and spoil yourself! There’s also a brand new silk skin and body care range not to be missed, and while you’re there you can also lap up the spectacular views and enjoy homemade treats at the Deck Restaurant.

The only working silk farm in South Africa