An Ocean Adventure!

Explore glamorous coastlines and experience an abundance of marine life up close.

The Kayak Cape Town team’s wonderful water tours range from the sedate to the adventurous, but the most popular is a visit to the penguin colony at Boulders Beach. Paddle the sparkling, warm waters of False Bay and soak up the views of the majestic mountains, sun-drenched boulders, and marine life along the way. 

When there’s nothing between you and an endless ocean, you open yourself up to an amazing journey. Simon's Town is mostly blessed with tranquil seas so conditions are safe. You’ll get to see penguins of course, but also masses of birdlife - cormorants, terns, gulls and the marvelous oystercatcher. You’ll see fish swimming under your kayak, seals sunbathing all around it, with their flippers popping up in front and behind you. But most importantly you will see the ocean (and the land) from a perspective you never have before. It’s the stuff that nature channel documentaries are made of!

Tours take to the waters 365 days of the year, weather permitting. Yes, in winter too! The winter months are surprisingly wonderful for paddling when calmer, windless days offer idyllic conditions. Plus there is always a chance of seeing whales in winter too. So, if you’re thinking about when the best time is to take on an adventure of this nature? The answer is, whenever you’re available to do it!

Kayak Cape Town offers first-time paddlers an incredible guided tour for a completely new perspective of the deep blue. It’s the stuff that nature channel documentaries are made of!

And the best part is anyone can! According to owner Derek, the vast majority of his customers have never been in a kayak before. In fact, anyone who is fit enough to do a gentle, two-hour hike can do it. For the slightly more apprehensive adventurer, it’s also good to know that a very stable two person ‘sit-on-top’ type of kayak is used. For people who have never paddled before this is definitely more comfortable because you don't feel as constricted as you would in a ‘sit-inside’ type of kayak. Also, in the unlikely event you fall off, it’s easier to get back on. With 10 double kayaks, the tour takes a maximum of 20 people. And, what better way to enjoy a paddle, than sharing the fun (and the work) with your partner!  

Also, between paddling, the warm summer waters of the Indian Ocean are perfect for flopping into the water for a cooling dip before clambering back onto your kayak.

In Australia and the United States kayaking is huge with hundreds of thousands of paddlers out there. But in South Africa it's just taking off. Anyone who doesn't try it is simply missing out - the salty taste of the sea on your lips and rosy sun-kissed skin are all signs of a great day out on the water. Not to mention, a great story of an epic sea adventure to tell.

Full Moon Excursion

Once a month (in April until October), when the weather is good, you can paddle out to sea and watch the splendour of the full moon rising over the bay for a truly unique experience. Cost: R300-R350. Booking in advance is essential!

Cost & Contacts

The 2 hour long trip costs R300 per person and leaves from Simon's Town Waterfront daily. To book your kayak tour visit: