Anarchy Reigns

Game Guru rates it: 78%

Sometimes we want nothing more than a good action packed fighting game, and Anarchy Reigns hits the spot. The game itself is nothing more than a gory hackem-slashem fight fest, that puts you in control of some interesting characters, but it’s these very characters that make the game special. The fight dynamics and game play are excellent - the punching, kicking and combos are both fun and easy to perform. The story is quirky, with well written quips to keep you following. The unfortunate thing about Anarchy Reigns is that the story tends to run away with itself and you find yourself pointlessly trying to complete missions. We found ourselves completely lost in the grand scheme of things, but with cool fighting moves and weapons, we really enjoyed playing. The online game play was good fun, but also a little messy in finding your place in the game. When we played the multiplayer game with friends, Anarchy Reigns became something completely different. You are able to go head to head with a friend in a bloody fight that proved more worth the bragging rights, than finishing this epic tale in single player. Anarchy Reigns is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a good, action packed third person fighter game, look no further.