Arbor celebration

  • by Bakwena
  • Nov 14, 2014
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In celebration of Arbor Week, we hosted an event on the 26th September in partnership with the local community, where 80 indigenous trees were donated to the town of Groot Marico. The trees planted included the White Ironwood tree as well as the recently named tree of the year, the Lavender tree.

Aside from putting their green fingers to work planting the trees, the community members were also encouraged to take part in the ‘Cleaning & Greening project’ whereby their creativity was put to the test to design their own gardens. In a fierce contest to create the best garden, Emily Molefe, George Molesane and Fanie Maphakela were rewarded with first, second and third places respectively.

Trees play a vital role to our existence as they contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality and climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil and supporting wildlife. A single 30-meter-tall tree can absorb as much as 22.7 kilograms of carbon dioxide in a year and over its lifetime this equates to approximately the same amount as would be produced by an average car covering 41,500 kilometers. This is why it is vital to preserve their life on earth.

At Bakwena we not only build and maintain our roads to world class standards, but we also take seriously our responsibility to assist in developing and empowering the nearby communities.

 As part of building our communities up, we always encourage the involvement of community members in the projects that we do. This is done to ensure that they take pride in their areas of residence and also relay their knowledge to others in the community.

We thank everyone who was involved in Arbor Day for investing in the future of our natural heritage. We look forward to getting our hands dirty in the soil with you again soon.