Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel (PS3)

Game Guru Rates it: 80%

There is nothing we like more at onRoute than a good multiplayer game to enjoy with friends rather than having to go it alone. We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with single player games, but completing a quest or facing a challenge with friends is double, if not triple, the fun! Normally multiplayer games are limited to the sports genre, but Electronic Arts have recently released the latest multiplayer instalment of the hit series, Army of Two. The game has had very mixed reviews. Journalists seem to think it’s missing that something special that made previous instalments so successful. But we found the two-player third person action game as near to perfect as can be.

In the Devil’s Cartel, the third offering in the Army of Two franchise, you and your partner play Alpha and Bravo. Two guns for hire caught up in a world of drugs, assassination and kidnapping in Mexico. The story, and this is where a lot of the critique comes from, is a little all over the place as you seem to be move from one hopeless scene to the next without ever really getting to a solid and interesting point. But all that is not really necessary to make a good game. This game is highly addictive, highly competitive and extremely fun. You are constantly trying to better your team mate with more kills, better stage points and earning more honour. You are trying to complete your missions against an enemy that is smarter than most gun wielding idiots in the real world and ultimately you are trying to make sure that you and your partner both get to the end of each stage alive. Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel may not be a masterpiece, but having played nearly every two-player shooter made in recent years; this game is one of the best co-op games on the market.