At Victoria Falls Bridge

The Big Air Experience!


Victoria Falls Bungee is consistently voted one of the top five adrenalin experiences on the planet. It is arguably the best bungee jump in the world for its location. Get ready to plummet 111 metres towards the raging torrents and misty gorges of the mighty Zambezi River in front of the largest curtain of falling water in the world - which is also a World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders in the World! It’s a 111 metre drop with four seconds of freefall that reaches speeds up to 120km/h. For Bungee Jump veterans, speak to your Jump Master and make it even wilder by doing an Ankle-Tied, Back Flip or a Star Elevator Jump.

Note: No special clothing, equipment or experience is necessary. 18 years and under must have written consent of parent or guardian. Minimum weight: 40 kilograms, maximum: 120 kilograms.

Join the Swingers

The Bridge Swing is without a doubt one of the most spectacular swings in the world! Swingers remain in a seated position throughout. Just step off the platform and you’re in a harness with a 360 degree view of the river, the bridge and magnificent gorge around you.

Known as the Grand ol’ Dame, the Victoria Falls Bridge is 107 years old, suspended between 2 countries, and the only place in the world where you get to jump, slide or swing in “no-man’s land”.

It’s done using two 65 metre static line climbing rope attached to a 10 ton safe working load cable by a steel clamp. A one metre bungi cord is positioned on the clamp to provide the swinger with a smoother ride and more comfortable swing. The swinger is recovered to the winch platform and come out on the Zambian side of the bridge.

The Bridge Slide

The Bridge Slide offers sheer fun in front of the falls. The slide begins on the Zambian bank of the gorge and ends on the Zimbabwean side of the bridge. Just step off the edge of the gorge and slide towards the bridge and lap up the incredible views. The slide platform consists of two areas, one of which is available for viewing purposes and the other is restricted solely for the slider/s and the crew.
Box: For the Ultimate Thrill!

Combine them all – Bungee, swing and slide to create the Big Air Experience!