Bakwena’s excellent safety record

Road maintenance and upgrades are key factors

  • by Bakwena
  • Feb 17, 2015
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Bakwena N1N4 is proud to report that there has been a significant reduction in the number of fatal road incidents recorded during the 2014/ 2015 holiday season. This attributed to the toll road’s commitment to the ongoing improvement and upgrades to the N1 and N4 toll routes as well as other road safety initiatives that have been put in place.

A series of road construction projects were completed in time for the start of the holiday season, creating top class roads that provided safe and congestion-free traffic flow over this period. To this extent, these improvements have had a direct impact on road safety and the improvement thereof.

“We feel that the improvement in festive season figures proves that motorists using the N1N4 routes can be assured that their toll fees are going back into maintaining the route to international standards,” says Liam Clarke, project manager and spokesperson for Bakwena.

“We constantly monitor traffic, analyse trends, proactively take corrective action – all to create a safer driving experience"

“We constantly monitor traffic, analyse trends, proactively take corrective action, assess whether infrastructure needs to be enhanced to increase safety and provide a 24/7 route-assistance and customer-care service – all to create a safer driving experience. Aside from this, when certain traffic thresholds are reached, additional lanes and intersection improvements are implemented where possible to ensure that traffic flow is maintained at satisfactory levels.”

Against a background of the 1147 fatal crashes recorded between 1 December 2014 and 5 January 2015 on South Africa’s national roads, the Bakwena routes saw a decrease in the fatality rate. Even though the amount of fatalities decreased from eight to three (in comparison to the same period in 2013/2014), it is sorely regrettable that lives were lost over this period.

In addition to well-maintained roads, Bakwena believes that an increase in highway patrol vehicles along the route assisted in regulating driving behaviour – which in turn improved road safety. The partnership with Imperial & Europcar (that afforded the supply of additional patrol vehicles on route) was one way to ensure a more visible presence of patrolling that helped in encouraging responsible road usage and reducing the severity of the accidents that did occur.

With the substantial work completed in 2014 on N1 (an additional lane between Zambezi to Pumulani) and N4 (an additional carriageway between Bapong & Marikana and rehabilitation between Rustenburg and Swartruggens), Bakwena plans on continuing to improve the routes for many years to come with plans to spend R110 million on the N1 and R149 million on the N4 on improvements and upgrades. 2015 will see the continuation of rehabilitation work of 20 km of the N4 (Zeerust towards Groot Marico); the start of resealing of the N4 from Helen Joseph to Marikana interchange and resealing on the N4 from Brits interchange to Soshanguve. The N1 North will see the rehabilitation of the section of Pienaars River up to the Bela Bela interchange in June this year and design work on the N4 upgrade between Buffelspoort interchange and the Helen Joseph Bridge in Rustenburg has also begun.

Work will soon begin on a diverging diamond interchange on the N1 Sefako Makghato Drive (Zambezi), while the rehabilitation of all toll plazas is ongoing.

Bakwena looks forward to a new year of improvement and enhancement to ensure the routes are continuously enhanced to maintain world class status.

For any construction related queries, please phone the customer care line on 0800 (BAKWENA) 2259362.