Battlefield 4 - China Rising

We love a good first-person shooter.

We love a good first-person shooter. It is a genre that has taken us from fighting the Germans in World War II, to the Russians in the Cold War. We have fought for the US in Iraq and now in the latest version of EA’s Battlefield, we fight in China.

There are a multitude of new maps available, totally new worlds to explore and a whole new enemy to take on! The game itself has everything you could want, from expansive environments, to cool guns and weapons. The story in itself is not totally original as the same underlying plot seems to follow this genre from game to game, but that is hardly noticeable.

The gameplay is flawless and you lose yourself in the story. It does not take long to complete the solo campaign, but what EA has very cleverly done is take the multiplayer and online multiplayer to a whole new level. The sheer scale of the maps will have you playing this game longer than any other before it.

The graphics are beyond reproach and the story is gripping, but it is the online multiplayer that takes Battlefield to the next level for both novice and experienced gamers.