Blink 'n you'll miss it

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

Fancy a weekend stay in a cave suite or open air room? This luxurious resort offers a totally unique experience that you will not find anywhere else. The stylish accommodation allows you to take in your surroundings in the most magical way possible. Enjoy spectacular scenery and absolute tranquility, plus fine dining and exclusive tours and activities – all included when you book your stay!

Breathe in the fresh air of an untouched Karoo-like wilderness where you’ll find beautiful wild flowers and small critters that are scarcely seen in other parts of the country. Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve also offers guided 4x4 and quad bike safaris, hiking trails and star-gazing at the mini observatory. The not-so-adventurous can relax at the resort’s swimming pool while marveling at the rock formations it’s built around. Or, take advantage of the spa’s exclusive wellness treatments while enjoying a sundowner as the sky turns sunset orange in the late afternoon. The picturesque views are unforgettable in both winter and summer.

Comfortable cave-dwelling