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The Wolf Sanctuary

Like all creatures placed into cruel situations, such as being kept in tiny enclosures, or being physically abused or threatened, they will display aggressive behaviour, and in the end land up being put to sleep or even shot. The wolf is therefore very fast becoming extinct. Sending these animals back to their home territories is not a viable solution, thus it was decided among a group of animal lovers to do what little we could to protect them in a “wolf-friendly” environment.

Currently home to approximately 38 wolves, the Wolf Sanctuary in Tsitsikamma is situated on 22 hectares of land. The sanctuary makes every effort to provide the wolves with an environment as close to their natural habitat as is possible in the South African climate. Wild wolves are essentially very shy animals, and tend to keep very much to themselves, avoiding humans where possible. But a visit to the sanctuary will enlighten you about its life and its association with other species, its dynamic relationship with humans and the value of ALL wildlife. Ever thought of adopting a wolf pup? Visitors can donate generously by adopting a pup and making the world of difference to these beautiful creatures. It’s R150 to R250 a month per wolf for private individuals and R500 to R800 a month per wolf for corporates.

Open your hearts to these beautiful creatures