Blink ’n You’ll Miss It

Adventure awaits

Grass Roof Farm Stall

Delicious farm-fresh food

Port Elizabeth

Looking to enjoy an amazing oyster-eating experience? Or some delicious farm-fresh food? How about a secret hideaway in the heart of the city? Or a great adventure to keep the kids busy? We find it so you don’t have to…

This firm Port Elizabeth favourite flags you down with its unique pitched roof covered in grass and wildflowers. Once you spot it, it’s kind of hard to miss. And, that’s not all that’s attractive about it. This wonderful eatery, complete with a modern edge, promotes a healthy, organic lifestyle committed to providing innovative meals. The varied menu offers delicious country meals, from breakfast comforts to lunchtime favourites. Plus the handcrafted pastries and cakes are heavenly, with offerings that include the most divine artisanal bread, baked fresh on site every day. The kids can play outside on the lawn and enjoy a pizza fired in their custom-built pizza oven, while parents catch up over coffees in the courtyard. 

The rustic farm stall stocks wholesome farm produce – everything from cheeses to fresh fruits and vegetables and free-range eggs. Look out for the craft olive oils, honey and some sweet delights. There are also pot plants, décor items and quirky home bits and bobs scattered throughout. Although the Grass Roof experience is multi-dimensional, it still manages to capture the laid-back beach atmosphere that Port Elizabeth is famous for.

Oysters R Us

The ultimate oyster experience


If you want the ultimate oyster experience then head to Boven Lange Valley Farm in the Wilderness. The open-air restaurant invites you in to sit back and relax while your oysters are freshly shucked and brought to your table. Lemon, Tabasco, fresh black pepper and you’re on your way to enjoying fresh smacks of the ocean! While there, check out the oyster tank system that can hold and keep up to 4 000 oysters alive.

A wonderful part of this rustic experience is that owners, Natasha De Freitas and Natalie Oliver, are not only your hosts and waitresses, they soon become your friends. Their enthusiasm, love of oysters and warm hospitality will certainly see you coming back for more. Not to mention the delicious oysters! Whether you're eating fresh oysters on the farm or collecting a takeaway, Oysters R Us is certainly an experience like no other.

Coedmore Castle

A secret hideaway


Believe it or not, Durban has its own castle tucked away in the heart of the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve, just south of the city. Surrounded by giant Yellowwood trees, this gracious old stone homestead was built in 1885 as a family home and has remained in the family for four generations. Step back in time to a bygone era with many of the original household contents still in place, including furniture from the 19th century, old family portraits and antique silverware. Open to the public for guided tours; you can also hire it for small functions, weddings or a fun photo shoot!

The gorgeous reserve also offers a range of mountain bike and hiking trails, excellent birding and regular guided walks. This is one of those Durban secret spots you want to visit!

Ghost Tour

Spooky encounters

Pilgrim’s Rest

This totally unique excursion provides a fascinating insight into life (and death) in the historic gold mining village of Pilgrim's Rest during its heyday in the Gold Rush. Both an interesting and somewhat eerie experience, the tour happens in the grand double-story Alanglade House, that is believed to be haunted. Built back in 1915, it was once a family home but is now a museum.

The tour starts as the sun sets and you begin to hear the tragic tales of the family that once lived there. During the tour, uncanny and inexplicable occurrences are common. After knocking back a tot of sherry for some Dutch courage, the tour continues to the town cemetery. Armed with a hurricane lamp, you’ll walk among the headstones, where you may or may not meet the ghosts of the many penniless gold diggers who once lived there. This is one for those who love a good history story – both cynics and believers – and certainly leaves you with lots to ponder.