Blooming Awesome

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Spring has started to blossom, and that means warmer weather, time outdoors and with that, gadgets to suit every pursuit under the sun. Here are ten of our favourites.

1. It’s on like Donkey Kong

You’re an eco-conscious type, opting to ride your bicycle rather than take the car whenever you head out to meet friends. So how do you transport a six-pack or drinks without turning it into a circus act or smashing your precious cargo? With the Donkey 6-pack Picnic and Bottle Bike Bag, you can save the environment and savour a cold one afterwards. The Donkey has six compartments to slip a cool drink, frosty beer or picnic snacks into and transporting your goods is made super smooth with this nifty holder which you can sling over your bike [Ma1] top tube.

Spring has started to blossom, and that means warmer weather, time outdoors and with that, gadgets to suit every pursuit under the sun. Here are ten of our favourites.

2. Bright Idea for Camping

If you’re planning a weekend away camping with family or friends, or just tired of getting caught in the dark during unplanned loadshedding, get yourself a Black Maglite LED ML125 Rechargeable Flashlight. This compact yet powerful torch packs plenty of power as it’s driven by MAG-LED technology, offering a beam distance of 258 metres, boasting 186 lumens and it will run for 8h30 to 30 hours before needing to be recharged. The four user configurable functions sets can be personalised and there are five modes from which to choose: full power, power save, strobe, momentary and SOS.

 3. Even Heroes need a Hero

Whether you’re on a white water rafting spree or clambering up near smooth rock faces, you can relive that crazy thrill by capturing every frame with the GoPro HERO4 Black. Boasting everything but the kitchen sink, you’ll get a full HD action video camera, with rechargeable battery, touch and skeleton backdoors, quick release buckle, three-way pivot arm and USB cable. Waterproof up to 40 metres, you can capture those mind blowing moments in super slow motion, or at 30 frames a second using the 12 megapixel camera. Choose between Time Lapse, Night Lapse, SuperView for wide-angle shots, Auto Low Light mode or QuikCapture for easy recording at the touch of a button. The HERO4 Black has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; you can connect to the GoPro App, Smart Remote and more.

4. Get a Competitive Edge

So not everyone is a Comrades Marathon runner – perhaps you prefer shorter runs. And, if you find that your foot rolls inward during your gait (known as overpronation), Asics have the perfect solution: the new GEL-SUPER J33 running shoe. Designed to recognize the different loading patterns through the gait cycle using FluidAxis technology, the GEL-SUPER J33 shoe has a stable high-density platform on the inner side of the sole to correct the inward roll. Combined with an all-over mesh, a lightweight breathable upper, a six-millimetre heel drop and a rounded toe box, the GEL-SUPER J33 means you will have the perfect footwear to give you the edge in your training.

5. Tackle that Mountain, Comfortably

Had a rough week of deadlines and work stress? Get out there, yes, up that mountain and out of the city noise and smog into some fresh air and sunshine. The North Face Borealis Backpack is guaranteed to ensure you enjoy a comfortable climb, no matter what gear you have on your back. This 15 inch laptop compatible daypack has a roomy 29-litre capacity, so make sure you have plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen with a good SPF, especially as the temperature climbs. With FlexVent suspension system and custom injected shoulder straps, a padded Air mesh back panel with Spine Channel and extra support from a PE sheet, you won’t suffer from back strain. Especially as the stress of the week falls off your shoulders during the climb.

6. Ice, Ice Baby

Vanilla Ice would be proud of this awesome piece of gear, which is designed to help you keep cool, no matter how heated your workout may get. Whether you’re doing deadlifts, blasting through the super circuit or blitzing through your cardio on the treadmill, the lightweight Ice Towel is a sport towel that will keep you cooler and drier for longer. To gain the maximum benefits of this clever towel, soak in water, wring it out and shake it – then discover its amazing cooling effect.

7. Sending all the Right Signals

Safety first – that’s the golden rule especially for cyclists while on the road and the Signal Pod has just made safety easier and simpler. This wireless indicating system transmits signals wirelessly from the control unit mounted on your handlebars to the Signal Pod on the seat post. With a radio frequency of 433.98 Megahertz and a range of three metres, the Signal Pod has an extra-bright LED light display as well as audible beeps for indicating left and right clearly as well as a hazard light. The mounting bracket will adjust to fit seat shafts from 27.2 to 31.6 millimetres. The pod takes three AA batteries and has a remote.

8. Keeping Track of Your Time

Don’t just go for a run, own the road with TomTom’s Runner Cardio GPS fitness watch, a sleek piece of gadgetry. Boasting a scratch resistant display, a Built-in Heart Rate Monitor which allows you to train in a zone suited to you, Bluetooth smart connectivity and a desk dock for charging and syncing, you can do it all with this QuickGPSFix watch. What’s more is this watch is waterproof up to 50 metres and has an impressive battery life of up to ten hours while on GPS mode and eight hours while on both GPS and heart rate mode. Available in three colours, you also have multiple comfort strap options.

9. Case Closed

Ever had your phone slide out of a pocket or your grip while you’re exercising or hiking outdoors, to watch it bounce in slow motion and shudder as the screen shatters? Forgo the heart palpitations, give your iPhone the protection it needs while you’re active and on the go with the signature Snap Case for the iPhone 5/5S. Don’t be fooled, this lightweight case offers lightweight minimalist protection with a precise fit. It attaches to your iPhone easily and securely to ensure all-round protection. You will still have direct access to buttons and the port while the case protects the iPhone back, sides and critical corners.

10. Surf’s Up, Kids

Tired of watching your kids stare at their cellphones and tablets while there is a glorious day of sunshine waiting to be enjoyed outdoors? The JD Bug Power Surfer combines the fun of boarding, surfing and skating in one sleek design and it has the added bonus of getting the kids not only outdoors, but active and enjoying fun too. The simple twisting motion will see your kids propelling themselves forward with shouts of laughter, improving coordination and balance as they go. Made of durable plastic and steel, and weighing a mere three kilograms, the JD Bug Power Surfer is suitable for age’s five and up.