Boost your Battery

Extending Your Battery Life

  • by onRoute
  • Jun 27, 2017
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You can also perform this check yourself with battery chargers from Bosch. This ensures that the battery is always ready for action and fully charged – quickly, easily and completely without risk.

Extending Your Battery Life

1. Have the voltage, charge level and starting power of the battery, as well as power loss in the car, checked at regular intervals.

Have you any idea about the current state of your battery? Most drivers probably don’t give it a thought until they have either broken down or their vehicle refuses to start! The best solution is to have a regular battery check performed at a Bosch Car Service workshop. It makes more sense to spend a few minutes in the workshop than to wait around

2. It is advisable to remove the battery before storing the car for the winter. Our advice: Store it in a cool place.

3. Inspect the battery at least twice a year - once a month in winter (frosty conditions) in the case of older batteries.

4. Make sure the battery is firmly in position in the battery compartment and that the metal parts of the battery have been greased and the terminals firmly tightened.

5. Remember to turn off your headlights, so they don't drain the battery.

6. Switch off all unnecessary equipment such as radio, air conditioner or auxiliary heater before starting.

7. After a lengthy period of non-use, remove the battery and connect it to an electronically controlled charger.