Butterflies for Africa

A tropical walk-through Butterfly House

Bang in the centre of Pietermaritzburg’s industrial area, is an enchanted 6 000 square metre garden created solely to attract butterflies. Experience a tropical walk-through Butterfly House, where an impressive variety of more than 100 different species from all over the world fly freely in a spectacular display of colour. Make your way across a bridge and stop to find the cascading waterfall and watch as the butterflies dance through the spray.This lush environment is like something out of a fantasyland.

The Complex not only houses the incredible walk-through Butterfly House (with both exotic and indigenous butterflies),but you’ll also find a Butterfly Craft Shop, The Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery, The Painted Lady Coffee Bar, and a Butterfly Nursery. The Nursery allows gardeners to purchase host plants (not available in conventional nurseries) which will attract butterflies to their gardens. Signs indicate which plants serve as food to which species of butterfly.

Also inside the Butterfly House is a Monkey House, plus Green Iguana and Stick Insect enclosures. This urban haven encompasses it all, serving as a valuable educational tool and a vital conservation asset too.

100 different species of butterfly from all over the world fly freely in a spectacular display of colour!