Can you get through allergy season naturally?

Try these to alleviate your symptoms...

Honey: A daily spoonful of honey is one of the most delicious remedies for hayfever. 

Vitamin C: A known natural antihistamine found in oranges, lemons and grapefruit.

Hot Peppers: Red and chilli peppers contain capsaicin. Added to your daily diet (in sarmies, salads or suppers) it opens nasal passages, reduces congestion, and helps alleviate symptoms significantly.

Nothing can ruin Spring quite like a blocked, runny nose, constant sniffing, red, streaming eyes, an itchy throat and endless sneezing! Allergy symptoms are nasty and often relieved with expensive drugs that leave you feeling exhausted. So here are some great natural remedies to try instead…

Carotenoids: Naturally occurring pigments in plants, carotenoids act as powerful antioxidants. A good source can be found in carrots, apricots, pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach. Enjoy one to two servings of carotenoid-rich food a day to help reduce airway inflammation and improve your immune system.

Chamomile Tea: An antioxidant and antihistamine, which contains flavonoids, acting effectively as an anti-inflammatory agent. Use as an eye compress too to reduce irritability to swollen, red eyes.