Chekicoast Truckers Initiative

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  • Sep 10, 2014
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We are well into the second half of the year and our CSI projects are keeping us on our toes! SANRAL in partnership with Bakwena took its ChekiCoast Road Safety programme to the Zeerust truck stop along the N4 on the 17 July with an event targeted at long distance drivers of heavy vehicles - one of the most at-risk categories of drivers in South Africa. Road freight continues to be increasingly important in maintaining a healthy logistics industry and that it needs drivers to function.

 Truck stops are often the only facilities for truckers to rest in a safe place during their long journeys, and there were a number of points that are critical to trucker road safety that the initiative focused on. These include vehicle safety which covers elements such as pre-trip inspection and basic maintenance, driver safety which looks at driver health and avoiding fatigue as well as sharing the roads safely with other road users. The main aim of the initiative was to increase awareness in general about the issues while educating truck drivers about safety on the roads. Other similar events SANRAL has held at various truck stops around the country over the past two months have received a positive response from the trucker community.