Choosing the right luggage for your travels

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  • May 22, 2019
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Quick packing hacks…

One of a travellers’ biggest stressors is packing – how to pack, and what luggage to pack it all in. With so many luggage options and travel needs, here are some tips from Thule that every traveller should follow.

Big or small?

Are you going for a weekend or a month? It goes without saying that this determines what bag you use.

One of a travellers’ biggest stressors is packing – how to pack, and what luggage to pack it all in.

If you’re travelling by car you'll need to ensure that all your luggage fits, otherwise, pare down or consider investing in a roof box to help with the load.

Carry-on or check-in?

If you’re flying, are you going to check-in luggage or keep it on you? This will determine what size bag to take, as airlines have certain weight and height restrictions – check online before you buy or fly to see what your frequent airline’s requirements are.

Hard or soft?

What’s more comfortable for you, and what’s going to suit your type of travel? A duffel bag might work for some adventures like a camping trip, while a hard-sided suitcase on wheels would suit you better if you’re travelling abroad and will be moving with your case a fair amount.

Soft bags are ideal if you don’t have any fragile or breakable items, and if you need to “stuff” things in.

If you can, try out any bag you buy first. See how it fits over your shoulder, how your hand feels around the handle, and how the wheels perform. Good brands are likely to have already been tested and are ergonomically designed to be comfortable.

Specialised gear

Yes, your camera can probably fit into your laptop bag, and your drone in your duffel bag, but if you’ve spent so much money on your equipment, you should get a bag that will adequately protect it. Aside from protection, they’re also designed for easy carrying and handling of that specific gear.

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