Cool-Runnings Family Toboggan Park

A Little Ride with Big Thrills

Imagine the Swiss Alps covered in snow with a toboggan whizzing down it. Now, take away the snow, put the toboggan in sunny Cape Town on 1.2 kilometres of steel half pipe, add some twists and turns to take you to a speed of 40 kilometres per hour and you’ve got a thrilling summer version of the winter sport.

Cool Runnings is Africa’s first and only toboggan track. Here, your speed is regulated by you, it’s totally safe and the automatic pulley will take you to the top so there’s no need to walk up the hill for your next go. You can buy single, double, triple or twelve ride tickets which can be shared or a day pass for unlimited rides! If you’re over eight you can have your own bob-sled, but nippers under eight must sit in front of an adult (the sleds are made for two). At Cool Runnings you’ll feel the wind race through your hair and leave with a big smile on your face.

Cool Runnings is Africa’s first and only toboggan track...