Crafts For Kids

Celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday May 12th with this great gift idea...

What You Need:

  1. An empty glass or plastic jar (a pickle, peanut butter, coffee or jam jar work best)
  2. The Love Mom Jar is really simple and so much fun to make. Mom will be reminded of just how much you love her long after Mother’s Day!
  3. A black marker pen
  4. An elastic band or ribbon (your choice)
  5. A4 paper (in different colours)
  6. Glue & Scissors
  7. 1 x piece of square-shaped fabric (cut to about 15cm each side)

What You Need to Do:

1.Wash your jar before you begin!

2.Cut the A4 paper into strips.

3.Use the black marker to write down each thing you love about your Mom (1 per strip).

4.Neatly fold each strip.

5.Pop all the folded strips into the jar.

6.Cover the top by using the square fabric as a lid and the elastic/ribbon to tie it closed.

7.Use the leftover coloured paper and your creativity to make a label for the front of your jar and glue it on. Some label options are:

“You’re the Greatest Mom Because...”

“100 Reasons Why I Love You”

“50 Things that Make you the Best Mom”