DMC: The Devil May Cry

Game Guru Rates It: 85%

Having played the first, epic instalment of The Devil May Cry all those years ago on Playstation 2, we were eagerly anticipating the latest instalment in the franchise. In between the first version and the latest instalment was a host of Devil May Cry’s that just didn’t live up to the original. The latest version is not only a great game, with fantastic fight sequences and over the top combos, it’s also a very well told story that works you in slowly from beginning to end. You follow the lead character, Dante, on a Journey from bad to worse, until all hell breaks loose, literally, and you’re left fighting for your place in a world taken over by demons. The fighting is easy to pick up, and as you work your way through the game, the fights get tougher, the opponents get meaner and you get stronger. Dante becomes a better fighter, the enemy becomes tougher to beat and you find yourself developing with your character into a better gamer. The game is outlandish and brash, and in the beginning a little over the top, but as you progress through this beautifully constructed world, you develop an understanding and appreciation for the story it’s trying to tell and finishing The Devil May Cry becomes a must.