Do The Big Swing – Claire Keeton

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The Moses Mabhida Stadium is impressive, particularly when you’re standing on a narrow ledge near the top, getting ready to jump across the pitch far below.

My decision to do the big swing was impulsive. When I realised we could ascend in the sky car, climb the steps of the soaring arch to do the jump and be allowed to walk across the pitch at the end, it just seemed like a good idea.

Big Rush Urban Adrenaline, which started operating in February 2010, claims theirs is the only stadium swing, and the highest swing in the world. ‘Jump into the void 106 metres above the World Cup football pitch and swing out in a huge 220-metre arc under the iconic arch’, is their siren cry. It’s all true: the void, the adrenalin and the sensational swing.

Certified by Guinness World Records as “World’s Tallest Swing”

After I’d signed up, my guide locked me into a full-body harness. Then we walked towards the sky car, which takes up to 20 passengers. The sky car rose on the sea-facing side of the arch to a viewing platform.

We exited the wide platform onto the steps of the arch. (On the south side, you can do a 550-step adventure walk along the 350-metre arch, secured by a cable.) We walked towards a platform below us.

From the steps, I climbed down a ladder onto a metal platform. Luckily for me, the Big Rush team were well organised and I didn’t have to wait to jump.

I know from experience the easiest way to bungee or king swing is not to think twice about it.
So after looking out over the pitch and feeling a surge of adrenalin, I leapt out. It was both exhilarating and peaceful once I was flying through the air. Too soon, the guides hauled me up to the platform and we descended the remaining steps to the ground.

To exit, we were allowed to walk across the pitch of the stadium, named after a former leader of the South African Communist Party...


Big Rush Big Swing: R695 per person

Video & photos package: R200 each

Spectator tickets R30 per person – children under the age of 12 don't pay for spectator tickets; spectator seats are inside the stadium.

There's no age limit, but jumpers need to be a minimum of 40kgs and maximum of 120kgs.

Open daily, although weather and event dependent., call 031 312 9281/9435, email – booking is advised to avoid waiting on arrival.

Sky Car tickets R60 per adult; children under 12, R30; children under six free

The cars run from 9am–4.30pm

Adventure Walk tickets R90 – children must be over 10

The Adventure Walk only is available on Saturdays and Sundays, call 031 322 9955

Fun Facts 

Certified by Guinness World Records as “World’s Tallest Swing” (since 14 May 2011).

If two average-sized elephants wanted to jump they could due to the breaking strain of the jump rope.

The Statue of Liberty can fit beneath the rope attachment point at the top of the arch.

The total mass of the jump rope is 48kgs which is similar to a baby rhino.

If their jump rope is laid out, it will cover a space of 7.5 square metres.

Book extract source: Wild Weekends – Places to Go, Things to Do by Claire Keeton and Marianne Schwankhart (Bookstorm), R70 from good bookstores nationwide.

Images: supplied