Don't miss the Aloe Festival at The Aloe Farm

Discovery & Exploration in the North West

There'll be daily walk-and-talk tours by De Wet Plant Breeders from 10am and every hour thereafter. Aloes will be on sale as well as many aloe beds on display with speciality hybrids on show!

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Add aloes to your garden...

The Aloe Farm’s annual ALOE FESTIVAL. The famous flowering aloe gardens at their best.

Aloes are drought resistant as well as frost resistant, and they flower throughout winter bringing beautiful colour to winter gardens.

Aloes attract butterflies and birds to your garden.

There are various sizes of aloes from small aloes to quite large aloes, as well as tree aloes, which lend themselves to creating a structured garden design easily using the various sizes and foliage for a beautiful aloe bed.

Dates: 23 June-8 July

Location: R104, Madibeng, Hartbeespoort