F1 2012

Game Guru Rating: 90%

The high pitched roar of a Formula One engine is like music to our ears as we hold the throttle down, ready to launch off the start line. Cutting your way through the field to finish in pole position is all that matters in the latest version of F1 2012. This game has gone from an arcade-style racing game into a realistic racing simulator.

No longer can the part time fan get away with average skills; this is a game for those with a real racing brain and petrol flowing through their veins. Timing of the brakes, aggression into corners, slip-streaming and a good race line can mean seconds around each lap and in a game where milliseconds count, getting it spot on can take you from follower to leader in a few slick turns. The game does offer enough tools to make the novice racer want to keep going even after finishing up in the middle of the pack for the first few races but it’s what this game offers the racing gurus that sets F1 2012 apart. It’s both realistic and thrilling, and as racing games go, we found F1 2012 a cut above. New to F1 2012, the Season Challenge was a feature we really loved. It gave you the chance to experience a Formula One career in 10 quick races. You start in a lowly team, you pick a rival, race the rival and if you win you get the rival’s car for the next round. You win your way from bottom of the pit to top of the pile in this quick and exciting game format. A really good racing game designed around the global phenomenon of Formula One.