Family Road Trip Survival Guide

Here is onRoute’s list of the TOP 10 DON’T TRAVEL WITHOUTS!

1.     Puncture Repair Kit

A jack and tyre repair kit with pump and rubber plugs/seals.

2.       Roadside Emergency Kit

Attitude is everything!

Jumper cables, extra oil, a torch, spare batteries and a pocketknife. Consider joining the AA for anytime roadside assist should you need.

3.       Solar Power Charger

Keep all your gadgets including camera, MP3 player and your cell phone powered up when you're on the move.

4.       First Aid Medical Kit

Plasters, bandages, pain relievers, sunscreen, antibacterial cream, mosquito repellent and motion sickness medicine for kids!

5.       GPS Navigation System

If your car doesn’t have a built-in system, it certainly is a wise investment that also provides real-time traffic updates, customized points of interest, and the ability to track your petrol usage.

6.       Entertainment

Gather the gadgets and line it up in the form of iPads, laptops, Nintendo, audiobooks, podcasts and your favourite music playlist!

7.       Healthy Snacks

Keep it dry, healthy and easy: pretzels, nuts, raisins, crackers, carrot sticks, apples, grapes, biltong and individually wrapped cheeses. Opt for water bottles and plastic sippy cups over boxed juices that spill and leave a sticky mess.

8.       Pillows

Make the world of difference if you’re in need of a nap. Plus, they make the backseat more comfy for the kids and double up as a barrier between bickering siblings!

9.       Paper Products

Toilet roll, paper towel, tissues and wet wipes! Be prepared for all spills, sneezes or calls of nature.

10.   The Right Attitude

Attitude is everything! Think of the long hours of driving as special family time together. Share stories, jokes, music and make sure to keep it fun and exciting!