Game Guru Rating: 100%

Soccer is the most played sport on the planet and it stands to reason that a game about soccer would be one of the most popular games throughout the year. FIFA 13 sold 4.5 million copies in the first five days of launch to make it the biggest video game of 2012 so far. But is it as good as all the hype? We at onRoute really put it through its paces!

FIFA 13 takes all that FIFA 12 had to offer and somehow manages to take it to a whole new level. The game is centred on realism and true football. It offers gamers a new dimension in football gaming, making sure the player cannot just run down the wing, cross the ball in and score every time. You need to think about what you want to do and how you want to do it or it just won’t get done. There is more control of players off the ball and with new online additions to the game, there can’t be another game in this genre that could possibly equal FIFA 13. If we were to criticize one thing in FIFA 13, it would be that there are too many cool things unavailable to those who don’t play the game online. So get connected people and unlock the real magic of this game. We thought FIFA 12 had one or two minor flaws that made it difficult for us to give the game a perfect score. FIFA 13 however has managed to deliver the complete package.