Fifa 14 (PS3)

The latest edition of FIFA has set a scarily high standard in sports gaming and EA could possibly have delivered the most realistic soccer game to ever grace a PlayStation 3. FIFA 13 took a massive leap forward from FIFA 12, but when we look back we can’t help but think that that leap was nothing but a small hop when we see how far FIFA 14 has come. We would like to believe that FIFA 14 is perfect, but there are a few small irritations with the game that lose it a point or two. The game is as near to realistic as you can make a console game without playing soccer in real life. The importance of power control is so strong in FIFA 14. It is vital to time the wait of your passes, your shots and your tackles. An under-hit pass will be intercepted, an over-hit shot will fly into orbit and a mistimed tackle will leave you off-balance and chasing a very good opponent. It is still difficult to control the ball’s receiver when playing a pass, but that is why pass power is so critical. The game takes a bit of getting used to and although the controls haven’t changed, it still felt like we were learning to play all over again. FIFA is not a game you can grow bored of, with enough modes to keep you occupied for an entire year. Our only concern is that FIFA 14 leaves most of the juicy stuff for online play. If you are like most gamers in South Africa who still haven’t connected your console to our country’s slow and expensive networks, do yourself a favour – get hooked up! This game can only fully be appreciated if you are connected to the World Wide Web. It is always a classic and this version is a much improved one.