African Heroes: Five-star ambassadors

A passion for what they do makes these proud Africans and their acts of service an asset to our beautiful continent.

Edward "the Storyteller" Minyoyi of Zambia

Edward "the Storyteller" Minyoyi of Zambia

Zambia is a country of vibrant African traditions. Bringing to life these cultural and natural treasures, Edward Minyoyi is much more than the guest relations officer at The Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara. Regaling his insider local knowledge and personal tales, Edward plunges guests into the colours, customs and majesty of Zambia through the age-old art of storytelling.

Impressively, Edward has learned to speak French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, German, Japanese, Afrikaans and Zulu in the 18 years he's been there. He loves nothing better than meeting world travellers and drawing them into the rich details of his homeland. Edward is a member of the Lozi tribe and is instantly recognisable by his bright traditional attire comprising ceremonial Siziba attire of a white shirt, skirt, long stockings and red beret, and his theatrical personality and beaming smile.

Africans contributing to growth and development of the southern African region through self-started causes.

Edward tells of Vic Falls, known to locals as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” – The Smoke that Thunders. “The Toka-leya people who once resided here worshipped the River Goddess Nyami-nyami living under the falls in times of drought, to pray for heavy rains... We have 19 national parks and I have many memories about the animals I’ve encountered... Guests can relax on platforms on the bank of the Zambezi [observing them] with me as their narrator.”

Chef Donaldson Madubela serves up cooking lessons in Mozambican flavours

Who wouldn't want a getaway with a difference, learning to cook African recipes using traditional techniques while on holiday in Mozambique! Spice Spoons at Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort offers just that, with fresh produce handpicked from its veggie garden for local Mozambican dishes, cooked together with expert executive chef, Donaldson Madubela. “Spice Spoons is an interactive experience where guests can learn how to enjoy the art of cooking local dishes, and then share their cooking journey and recipes with friends and family back home, making them chefs at their own dinner parties.” 

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