Fun for adults and kids

FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil (Xbox 360)
Score: 95%

Unfortunately for us South Africans, we don’t have the FIFA World Cup to look forward to this year, but EA Sports have just launched the new soccer game for the Brazil edition of the World Cup which kicked off in June. The game itself is nothing more than FIFA 14 with a different mask on, but we previously gave FIFA 14 a near perfect score, so one would naturally assume that this game would be near perfect too. With plenty of press around the actual tournament, The World Cup game has great appeal at the moment, and even though Bafana Bafana will not be at this year’s showpiece, we still felt a strong desire to play the World Cup. There are so many ways in which you can play this game, but our most exciting mode was the full qualifying version. This allows gamers to take control of any country and attempt to defeat all that stands in your way to make it to the finals in Brazil. Selecting a difficulty level in the World Cup game is of paramount importance, because the difference between semi-professional and professional is vast. Not making the game tough enough will take away that feeling of reward when you win a game. The game play itself is near-flawless and incredibly addictive with an online community from around the world, you can quite literally play your own real World Cup. All versions of FIFA provide us with a great opportunity to bond with friends and make new ones. It is only because of lack of long term playability, that we had to score The FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil game a little less than we did FIFA 14.

LEGO Movie Videogame (PlayStation 3)
Score: 88%

Games are not just for kids, here we show you a few that will get mom and dad excited as well!

Believe it or not, LEGO games are not necessarily for kids and have exploded onto the market. Thanks to the immense popularity of LEGO games like Star Wars, The Hobbit and Batman, Warner Brothers decided to produce the LEGO movie. The box office movie was a huge success with cast members like Will Farrell, Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks and Jonah Hill. And, the LEGO Movie game itself is poised to be as big a success as the movie was. Despite the fact that all the characters are LEGO figurines, the acting and script is very good, the graphics are beyond reproach and the simplistic playability make it a very addictive formula. In the LEGO Movie Videogame, like the cinematic version, you take charge of Emmet, a very ordinary construction worker who is thrown into the deep end and tasked with protecting the key to saving the world. During the course of this epic adventure you are joined by a band of LEGO heroes like Batman, Han Solo, Gandalf and the Green Lantern. You fight against some really witty and cunning enemies and you will find yourself immersed for hours and hours. Being able to see past the fact that you are playing with little plastic figurines will most certainly give you a game you will enjoy far beyond your expectations. The LEGO Movie Videogame is addictive, fun and a brilliant example of not straying from a winning formula. We loved LEGO land, we loved playing this game and we know you will love it too.

 App Corner

Ridge Racer

Like most app racing games, Ridge Racer offers mobile gamers an escape. It is a simple to play game that boasts a wide choice of cars and beautiful environments to play in. It is easy to master and immensely addictive.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Travel the world in the hunt for the perfect catch. Set in some really beautiful 3D paradises around the globe, you are able to use your phone to hunt that illusive catch.

Another Case Solved

This game offers an innovative mix of puzzle-solving and detective work. There is a good story underneath the premise providing some mind crunching game-play.