Game Guru’s Top 10

The top 10 countdown!


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero

Score: 78%

With the industry stronger than ever in South Africa, we take a look back over the past year to give our gamers the top 10 countdown!

Ground Zero offers the gamer total freedom of play. How you complete a mission is entirely up to you. Sneak your way through the whole game, or go in full throttle with guns blazing. The game is not as good as previous versions, but is still excellent.


Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

Score: 78%

In this version of the worldwide hit franchise, you and your character undergo a transformation from assassin to assassin’s assassin. You no longer work with the Brotherhood, but work against them as a rogue soldier. The game retains its addictive playability, but lacks the same depth as previous versions.


Don Bradman Cricket 14

Score: 79%

If you can claim to know anything about cricket, you know Don Bradman is the greatest cricketer ever. The game about a complicated sport is kept simple. It’s one of the most realistic cricketing experiences ever had and the game has endless replay value.


The Last of Us: Left Behind

Score: 80%

Ellie returns for the follow up to the original hit. The game follows Ellie and her friend Riley’s return to her life. There are twists and turns that continuously surprises the player and draws you into a gripping story. It never gets old and is never predictable.


NBA 2K14

Score: 80%

Basketball is exploding in South Africa. With the increased exposure, it’s no wonder the game has become more enjoyable. We now know the teams, the players and the rules better. Good fun, especially when challenging friends.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Score: 81%

This is a first person shooter with a difference. The environments are unique and mesmerizing; the characters are personable and allow the gamer to create a connection with them. The game itself sucks you in and will have you playing for hours.


FIFA World Cup 2014

Score: 85%

FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 is still one of our favourite games of all time because it certainly hit home. But, the latest version of the game is great fun and although it scored low on most critics’ charts, we really enjoyed taking Bafana Bafana from qualifying to World Cup glory.


The LEGO Movie Video Game

Score: 88%

The Lego Movie was a global success and the game is no different. The characters are interesting and varied, the dialogue is witty and the game-play is easy yet still keeps you hooked for hours. This is not just a game for kids; it’s for gamers of all ages.


Final Fantasy X/X-2

Score: 90%

These are the re-mastered versions of the hit original Playstation 2 games. Final Fantasy is one of the original epic open world games that can have had gamers playing for months on end. The story is epic, the worlds and environments are beautiful and the game is quite literally one of the best of all time.



Score: 90%

FIFA is one of those games that never get old and when you look at our gaming collection, we still have every version dating back to FIFA 97. The game experiences a major evolution every three or so years, and FIFA 15 was the product of many years of perfecting the franchise.

Top Apps:

Marvel Pinball

There is nothing original about a pinball game on your smart phone, but throw in a couple of marvel themed machines and all of a sudden you’re hooked. The game is one of those easy-to-play, hard-to-put- down apps, so be careful you don’t get caught playing during work.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

One of the most popular games in the world, Candy Crush, has come up with a new, equally as addictive version of this hit franchise. The game’s principle operations are the same as the original, but with a few sweet twists. This is another great game for those boring moments in life when there really is nothing else to do.