Gaufestival – MUSIC~DRAMA~FINE ARTS~DANCE – Pretoria

24 September-4 October

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  • Sep 17, 2018
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This year, Gaufestival will be hosted by Brooklyn Theatre, SANDF Military Bands, Theatre on Pointe, CANSA, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria Art Association, and Junior City Council of Pretoria!

Witness youth development through exciting collaborations by the people of Gauteng in a spirit of social cohesion. It’s Gauteng’s valuable contribution under an umbrella for all art forms and, with the City of Tshwane being the world’s third-largest municipality in terms of land area and with the second-largest number of embassies after Washington, this is the ideal place to host such a festival!

Communities with limited resources, underprivileged schools, old age homes and orphanages have been invited to final dress rehearsals in this cultural as well as educational experience.

Witness youth development through exciting collaborations by the people of Gauteng in a spirit of social cohesion.

Highlights, activities and performances:
Spain – famous Spanish guitarist Miguel Trapaga 
Germany – Rheinland-Pfalz Youth Orchestra (72 members)
Georgia – Mariam Batsashvili, winner Liszt competition 2009
Italy – Italian Language with Istituto Italiano – Faust, SA State Theatre

Heritage Day – African Lush Fashion at Greenlyn Village 
Mall of Africa – SANDF Military Bands Picnic Concert
Gauteng Philharmonic – Monumental Smetana Moldau Má Vlast and Richard Strauss Vier Letzte Lieder

Netherlands – Tribute concert to Herman van Veen & Jacques Brel
Cape Town – Saudiq Khan Flamenco Specialist
Women's Importance – Mosadi Kakapa, Theatre on Pointe
Contemporary Dance – Love and War, Theatre on Pointe
Production by and for children – Jungle Book by ACT Studios at Theatre on Pointe

Arts & crafts:
Greenlyn Village (including the Hazel Food Market)
Art exhibitions at Brooklyn Theatre and various other art galleries including Pretoria Art Museum and Pretoria Art Association

Community project:
Arbor Day, Schools’ Champion Tree by the Dendrological Society of SA

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