Keep warm in high tech fashion!

SunStream Plus

Take advantage of the winter sun this year and save money while doing so with the SunStream Plus. This nifty ‘mobile electricity’ device is characterised by a large solar panel that is powerful enough to charge smartphones and tablets using direct sunlight. Power isn’t stored onto it like a power bank, so essentially it streams electricity to any USB powered gadget. It does not work on cloudy days. Its rugged design is waterproof, impact-resistant and made with shatterproof glass. The exterior UV case can withstand extreme heat conditions while remaining cool in sunlight.

Price: R350

Who doesn't love a good gadget?  

HiSense Infinity KO

Dubbed as “life proof”, the HiSense Infinity KO smartphone can accompany you anywhere, be it indoors, outdoors and even extreme conditions. Whether you find yourself camping this winter, skiing in Lesotho, or sandboarding in Namibia, you can safely take the Infinity KO with you as it’s waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. Did we mention it works in 1m deep water for up to 30 minutes? It has a 13-megapixel camera with various modes to shoot in, and a 5-megapixel selfie camera. It also sports dual-SIM mode, which is not a common feature on phones today.

Price: R3999

Dion Wired, Game, Makro.

Netatmo Welcome Camera

The Netatmo Welcome Camera is a home security solution that makes life a little easier as it alerts you if there’s a stranger at your door, as well as family members. If it means one less reason to get out in the cold this winter, why not? The camera has facial recognition technology and will alert you when your kids or loved ones are home. It also sends notifications for faces that are not on the system, so you’re aware of what’s going on at all times. With privacy being a big issue, you have the option to customise settings for each individual.

Price: R4299 

ATG Collapsible Braai Grid

If you’re South African, you love a good braai, right? Now you can braai just about anywhere with the ATG collapsible braai grid, made locally. Ideal for campers, backpackers, cyclists, hikers and globetrotters, the grid is a compact 700g and 35cm x 21cm when dismantled. What’s nice about the braai grid is that the height and depth can be adjusted to any level. It’s also built to withstand any fire, and is ‘electropolished’, which should last. You can load as much as 1kg of food onto the stand or in a pot. Bonus - it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Price: R495

Outset Pizza Grill Pan

Authentic Italian nights can take place anywhere, even outdoors on a braai!  Outset’s pizza grill pan with foldable handle is a great outdoor (or indoor) cooking gadget that is non-stick with a 13cm diameter base. The perforated pan means even heating giving you a slightly grilled flavour to your pizza base. Not exclusively for pizzas, but tortillas or naan bread too - get creative!

Price: R320

USB powered slippers

We are almost certain you can get away with wearing these USB-powered heated slippers at your desk in an open plan office during winter. However, they are only available in pink and one-size fits all. Each slipper has its own USB connection with a 2-meter cable, which is sufficient to move your feet around under your desk. The slippers heat up to 45˚C with 5 minutes and up to 55˚C within 10 minutes. It will then maintain a safe temperature without burning or causing harm to your feet.

Price: R199

 Capestorm Helium Running Jacket

If you’re big on running outdoors or trial running, take a look at Capestorm’s helium running jacket. It’s lightweight, breathable, windproof and water resistant, offering sufficient protection from the elements. The jacket also folds into a small ball inside its pocket with a hand loop so you can carry on running if it gets too warm. Other features include elasticized cuffs and a shock cord hem. Available in a variety of reflective prints and in men’s and lady’s sizes.

Price: R549

First Ascent Thermal Glove Liners

If you’re cycling or running this winter, keep your fingers warm with First Ascent’s thermal glove liners. Made of moisture wicking fabric and a 3D finger design so you can move your fingers with ease. It can be worn on its own, or as a liner for riding gloves. It’s a snug fit and comes in a small size all the way up to extra-large. Available in black or navy.

Price: R149