Glamping for the Leopard!

Take some time out

Black Leopard totally immerses you in the African bush

Black Leopard Camp, is a luxury tented camp situated in the Malaria free Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve. Owned by leopard lover, Alan Watson, it is just outside Lydenburg (only three-and-a-half hours from Johannesburg).

Alan’s camp offers a luxury safari experience, completely different to that of a traditional eat-sleep-game-drive lodge. Black Leopard totally immerses you in the African bush by staying in tents — but not the pop up kind that makes you want to run a mile.

These tented “suites” all offer large, plush beds (the type you never want to leave), mini-bars (complete with chocolate bars and wine), large decks to sip your G&Ts on, and en-suite bathrooms. Each suite also boasts an outdoor bush bathroom, some with outdoor showers and others with baths. Here you can soak in the memories of a fantastic day with the cliffs and the blue sky as your roof. But most of all, Black Leopard offers an energy efficient, minimal footprint alternative that does a lot of good!

If you think there is absolutely nothing glamorous about camping, you have obviously not yet been exposed to “glamping” — aka glamorous camping. It exists! It is trending, and if you do it right you could be saving the leopard while you relax!

While you are taking time out, your mind will be at peace knowing that this unique experience is also helping Alan save the leopard with his Predator Protection Plan (PPP).

The PPP, in conjunction with Hollard Insurance, was created as an endeavor to protect the leopards from local farmers. You see, even though leopards are capable of adapting to various habitats with ease, running at break neck speeds and hoisting prey into trees with unbelievable stealth, they do have a weak point… their natural instinct to be an opportunistic hunter. And what could be easier to hunt than a sitting duck… or cow!

Local farmers lose millions of Rands annually to leopards that have taken their livestock. The impact of this loss also poses a significant threat to the well-being of our country. Farmers are the food larder of our nation, and if they become bankrupt because of unforeseen losses, this could have dire effects.

The PPP is a new era in economic conservation, designed to achieve a peaceful harmony between man and nature. It is a fund aimed at compensating farmers and local communities, in the event that they lose valuable livestock to a leopard.

Farmers who are compensated by the PPP commit to turning their farms into “Predator Safe Zones” where leopards will not be shot or trapped in an inhumane way. In fact, the farmers also commit to working closely with the PPP and their partners to implement safe devices to prevent leopard attacks going forward.

Alan and the PPP continuously track and collar as many leopards as the fund allows, enabling them to track the movements of these predators and to intervene, if possibe, before an attack occurs. The PPP is a very important initiative in finding a win-win solution for man and beast.

So if you need a luxurious break, as close to nature as you can get. Without having to sacrifice any of your home comforts — and if it is going to help keep a leopard alive while you are doing it — then we say, get your glamping on!

The Deal at Black Leopard

Black Leopard Camp offers both full catering and self-catering options!

Full catering availability: 18 March 2016 to 5 April 2016, 20 July 2016 to 31 September 2016

Package Includes:

  • Both options include accommodation in luxury, fully serviced en-suite tents.
  • Transfers to and from the camp from the pickup point.
  • Full catering also includes: all meals; one game drive per day; unlimited teas and coffees.
  • Self-catering also includes: a chef to assist with food preparation and cooking if needed, and firewood.

Self-catering availability: 1 November 2016 to 17 March 2016, 6 April 2016 to 19 July 2016, 1 October 2016 to 15 January 2017.

  • R1 250 per adult sharing, per night in the Valley View units or R1 500 per adult sharing, per night in the River View units.
  • Single supplement is an additional 25%.
  • Children under 12, sharing with parents, will be charged at 50%. No charge for children under two.


  • R675 per adult sharing, per night over weekend (Fri and Sat) and R500 per adult sharing, per night midweek (Sun to Thurs).
  • Single supplement is an additional 25%.
  • Children under 12, sharing with parents, will be charged at 50%. No charge for children under two.

Please note: Activities are charged separately.

Black Leopard Camp

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