Great Car Packing Tips!

Optimize the space you have available

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  • Jan 22, 2016
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  • Pack large, heavy items at the bottom of the boot, keeping them as far forward as possible to keep the centre of gravity low and optimize weight distribution.
  • Avoid packing above the line of the back seats, as this will obscure your rear view.
  • Before you start your road trip adventures, give serious thought to packing your vehicle safely.
  • Packing suitcases and duffle bags higher than the back seat can be dangerous. Not only does it decrease visibility, but it also puts passengers at risk of a serious injury in a collision.
  • If you must use the full height of the boot, invest in a net or other protective screen/safety partition to prevent items from flying forward.
  • Empty boxes or plastic crates can be useful in the boot to stop smaller items sliding around.
  • Make sure items from the cargo section will not strike passengers in an emergency situation.
  • Remain focused on the importance of having a clear visual of the road and other road users.
  • Consider using spaces beneath passenger seats, as well. The better your luggage weight distribution, the better fuel consumption and better vehicle handling you will have on the road.
  • Consider how you will get to the spare tyre or an emergency kit should there be a roadside emergency!

Things to Avoid

  •  Avoid using the inside of the passenger area for storing your luggage.
  • Guard against loose objects becoming projectiles - laptops, books and cellphones can become serious projectiles during a collision.
  • Keep the area around the driver's feet clear. Loose items are distracting – and dangerous if they slide beneath the driver’s feet and keep the pedals from working properly.

Remember: Last in, first out!

Organize items in the order they may need to be accessed. Have essential items that you may need during the journey within easy access – such as food, drinks, nappies, medicine, or entertainment for the kids.

Packing Luggage on the Roof

Safely secure any load carried on the roof of the vehicle. Items on the roof should be stored in a securely attached roof box, respecting the weight restrictions of the car.

Did You Know?

*You can find the weight limit for your car on the 'VIN plate' under the bonnet or in the handbook.

*Under emergency braking at 50 km/h, loose items can have a force of up to 50 times their weight!