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Responsible Truck Safety

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  • Nov 13, 2013
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All Imperial drivers are required to be trained in:

-          First aid and fire-fighting

-          Defensive driving techniques, to prevent accidents on the road

Known as one of the highest-risk professions, Imperial takes all the necessary measures to ensure that their truck drivers are putting safety first.

-          Roll-over prevention – loading all compartments of the vehicle correctly to prevent instability

-          Product knowledge/handling, to prevent spillages

-          Emergency response procedures

-          They also have a valid Dangerous Goods certificate if transporting products like petrochemicals (fuel, gas and chemical)

Daily driver and vehicle assessments by Imperial

·         The operator must have had at least nine hours’ sleep.

·         He must have eaten a good meal to ensure stable blood sugar levels – either breakfast or dinner (depending on the shift).

·         Alcohol testing is conducted.

·         The supervisor on duty will do a visual assessment of the driver.

·         The driver needs to declare if he is taking any medication.

·         Lights, wipers, indicators, hazards, reverse lights and tyres of the vehicle are all assessed.

·         If defects are declared, the workshop will fix them. The operator will only receive loading instructions thereafter and will load according to a set procedure.

·         The driver begins his journey, following the prescribed route authorised by the HSSE Officer.

·         His driving is monitored via DriveCam cameras inside the cab, and driving behaviour and tracking reports are produced via the on-board tracking units which are checked after every trip.

·         Each driver receives a ‘tag’ which also measures driver behaviour (to identify if he is a high-risk driver or not). These include:

-          Fuel consumption

-          Speeding

-          Harsh braking

-          Harsh acceleration

-          Kilometres travelled

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