It’s Lousy to Be Drowsy

  • by onRoute
  • Jun 4, 2012
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People tend to fall asleep more often at high-speeds on long, boring stretches of road after many hours spent behind the wheel. 

Signs You Need a Nap

    How can you ensure you don’t become a sleepyhead behind the wheel?
  • Your eyes go out of focus by themselves and you battle to see properly.
  • You can’t stop yawning. 
  • You lose track of time.
  • You battle to keep an even speed and keep drifting out of your lane. 
  • You don’t remember driving the last few miles.

Combat Fatigue

  • Stop for at least 10 minutes after every two hours of driving.
  • Always get a good night’s sleep before you drive. 
  • Don’t depend on coffee or drugs to keep you awake. 
  • Keep your eyes moving, by checking your mirrors regularly.
  • Don’t drive with the heater blowing in your face, as it will make you sleepy.
  • Don’t drive with the interior light on as it strains your eyes and distorts your vision.