C U When U Get There

It starts in the south of Johannesburg. A grueling nine-day race, that puts you through your paces and then delivers you to the salty shores of Scottburgh in Kwa-Zulu Natal. joBerg2c is known as the race that encourages you to ride the “off-road” less travelled and takes you through some of the most unspoiled areas of South Africa. It is a race where the journey is more important than the destination and it offers those with a love of riding a chance to share their passion for mountain biking while doing their bit to uplift the local communities through which they ride.

Everybody that works on the joBerg2c is paid; from the people manning water points and crossings to those that prepare food for the riders at each stage. The race is a way for communities to raise funds for their schools, churches and charities.

Craig Wapnick, the event spokesperson, said the venture fulfilled both the organisers and sponsors’ social responsibility objectives by creating jobs along the route. “We’ve committed to using every bit of the sponsorship for employing local labour throughout the year.”

Mountain biking not only tests your endurance, strength and fitness but it also feeds the soul. And when it comes to mountain bike races, there is no other race that is quite as “soulful” as the joBerg2c.

N3TC PR and communications manager Andrea Visser said the off-road race was the perfect fit for their brand too. “N3TC is exceptionally excited about being part of the joBerg2c. The race fully supports the N3TCs commitment to job creation, skills development and tourism growth, which are all key economic contributors to community development.”

She said the event’s long-term sustainability was a key factor in N3TC’s decision-making, “We want to enable the organisers to provide an excellent route but also allow weekend mountain biking enthusiasts to ride sections in the future, once the development is completed.”

 “Our belief in supporting these events is based on the principle that the participants use the N3 toll route to access the events and it is our way of giving back to the community and our customers.”

Race Overview:

Day 1: Set out from The Karan Beef farm near Heidelberg to cover the first 113kms — which is all about getting the legs warm.

Day 2: A 93km ride to the Reitz Show-grounds. The stage’s highlights include Liezel Thomas' single track, which takes you onto Willies farm past the Makopan station.

Day 3: Takes you to the Sterkfontein Dam on a 125km trip through some very unique trails. You start on a track towards "Leeu Heuwel", where there are real lions at the top of the climb, but the local "Farmer Brand" did mention that they were all well fed and all accounted for before the riders arrive.

Day 4: A 116km trip to Winterton where riders travel down through breathtaking mountain passes.

Day 5: A 102km journey to Kamberg through farmlands with the beautiful Southern Berg as a back drop.

Day 6: A comparatively short 94km trip to Hazeldean Dam. It starts off fast and flat but ends in some brutal climbs. This section is more about survival than enjoyment.

Day 7: A short 86km from Hazeldean Farm to Mackenzie Club. This is a less technical stage that allows riders to recover from the past six days.

Day 8: A 97km journey to Jolivet. Regarded as one of the most exciting days, it is filled with technical single tracks, staggering climbs and nervy descents before you wind your way down to Umkomaas River.

Day 9: Race ends with an exciting 75km ride down into Scottburgh. It is a fast and easy stage that allows riders to take in what they have achieved over the last nine days.

How to Enter

If you are keen on entering next year’s race, you better hurry, even at R27 000 per team, space disappears quicker than the path the riders leave behind.