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Kids' seasonal puzzles and games

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Puzzles and games to occupy the kids while travelling by car.

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Kids’ Puzzles and Games


Spot It!

Spring into action and find the 10 differences in these two spring pictures.

Ladybird Lost

It’s been a long winter! Help Ladybird find the delicious spring flower by following the numbers 1 to 10.


Leaf Sweep

Help Mr Sweep, get all the autumn leaves into the basket.

Orange’s Portrait

Orange Leaf is keen to have his portrait drawn. Look carefully at each block and then redraw what you see. When all blocks are done, you will have the overall picture. Go for it!


Spot is sitting in his usual spot, spotting the difference between these two pictures. Help him!


Summer Abroad!

Every fancy-pants would like to “summer in France”. Find all the summer items and the famous landmarks to plan your voyage.

Nothing Better than the Beach!

Find the beachy words in the crossword below.


Snowflake Match!

Each snowflake has a partner, find it!


Brrrr, it’s -10 and you're freezing! Time to hurry home; but which maze (A, B or C) will take you home?