Lloyd Scott Hudson aka The MaD CA

An Ordinary Guy Doing Extraordinary Things

What motivates you every day and keeps you driven?

My drive comes from within. I was born this way. I am motivated by a fear of not living life to the full. Life is about experiences and I want to experience as much as possible in the short time that we get to spend on this planet.

What has been your biggest challenge and best triumph?

A Chartered Accountant by profession but a philanthropist at heart, Lloyd is not your typical corporate suit-‘n-tie...

The Otter Trail Run ranks right up there but the Sunflower Fund Everest Challenge is my biggest challenge and best triumph to date. The charitable event which was masterminded by my friend Raymond Funnell involved running up and down the Westcliff stairs 200 times in 36 hours. This is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest and covering a distance of 100km. When Ray first invited me to compete in the event I told him that it was impossible but recognizing that this was in support of the Sunflower Fund, I accepted the challenge.

What still remains on your adventure bucket-list?

Following on from the attainment of the Seven Summits, I want to go to both Poles.

Describe what it’s like riding in a cow suit?

I don’t really like a lot of attention but wearing a cow suit whilst riding a bicycle invariably attracts attention. The support from fellow cyclists and supporters is unbelievable as they recognize that you are riding for a great cause. It can get quite warm and when the wind picks up the cow suit can act like a sail which is not always a good thing. I tend to think about the kids with cancer that we support and when the cow suit becomes a little uncomfortable that helps me to toughen up.

What is your advice to other South Africans who want to make a difference?

Be committed to a cause that you believe in and never hold back on making a difference just because you think that your contribution may be too small.

Is there any reason behind the specific charities you choose to support?

My girlfriend introduced me to CHOC and The Cows. She has been riding for the Cows for many years and when I became intrigued with these MAD Cows on Bicycles. To support Kids with Cancer is such an awesome cause and to be a part of a family of amazing people who help to save young lives makes me feel very proud.
I also support the Sunflower Fund through the Everest Challenge. My friend Raymond Funnell is a leukemia survivor and it is because of the Sunflower Fund that he is here today.

Do you have a family and how do they feel about what you do?

I have the most awesome girlfriend who is the world’s best ‘second’. She is my rock and supports me in all that I do. Without her I would not have achieved what I have so far. My parents and two sisters are very supportive but my Mum always worries when I climb a mountain. It gets a little embarrassing when she phones the guiding company to check if her 40+ little boy is safe.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by ‘ordinary’ people who do extraordinary things; I am inspired by Werner Berger who is the oldest person to have summited the seven summits and whom I have the honour of calling my friend; I am inspired by Dudley Middleton who continues to fight cancer and has been in hospital more times than I can count yet never complains; and I am inspired by a girl who loves a MaD CA.

The MaD CA’s Charity Adventures So Far…

  • Summeted Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Summited Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.
  • Summited Mount Denali in Alaska (one of the coldest mountains on the planet reaching minus 40˚C).
  • Summited Mount Elbrus in Russia.
  • Summited Carstensz Pyramid in Papua, Indonesia.
  • Climbed the height of Mt Everest at the Westcliff stairs (10624m ascent, 10624 m descent, total distance 96.8km) in 36 hours for the Sunflower fund. 
  • Completed Comrades, The Otter run, Cape Argus and IronMan 70.3 in a Cow suit to support CHOC – Kids with cancer.