Make Fake Snow

Let it snow, let it snow…

It's not cold, it's not wet and you don't have to layer the kids in warm clothes before you let them play with it! The only drawback is that the ingredients include hair conditioner or shaving cream, so prepare for knotty hair or stubble – a small price to pay for happy kids and peace and quiet...

So here's how it's done – it's too easy!


Welcome to the Kids Section! This issue we look at how you can make fake snow...

Option 1: using hair conditioner

500ml bicarbonate of soda

250ml hair conditioner

Option 2: using shaving cream

500g bicarbonate of soda

1 x tin of shaving cream

What you will need

·         3 cups baking soda

·         1/2 cup hair conditioner, preferably white so that it looks like real snow

·         Plastic container or large pan to use for play area


Step 1: Mix the two ingredients together!

Step 2: Done!

Fun tools for creative play: beads, toothpicks, ribbon and craft eyes to make a snowman and Playdoh tools work great, too.