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Camden Market

London, England

It’s standard practice to unfollow convention at Camden Market with their over one thousand unique stalls, bars and cafés. It’s one of London’s largest, most eclectic and popular shopping enclaves. Head to the Lock section for crafts, or wander the Stables for punk-rock fashion. Savvy shoppers can pick up everything from bargain treasures to antiques and retro items, and from vintage records to bikes and beanbags. Management of the market is driven by the belief that you can only keep discovering if you keep looking, so they’re always adding interesting stores and traders. Creative energy flows here like a well-stocked bar. Keep your ears and eyes open for live music, street performances and other great entertainment.

Markets manage to offer a unique insight into the heart of a nation’s culture. From Morocco to London, Thailand to Egypt and the USA, we've chosen our favourite markets across the globe.

Djemaa el-Fna

Marrakech, Morocco

As you arrive at Marrakech’s sprawling central market, you’ll feel all your senses tune right up to their highest frequency. Everywhere you look, you’ll discover drama in progress. Snake charmers, henna tattoo artists and storytellers, acrobats, musical performers and slapstick comedy acts; water-sellers in fringed hats clang brass cups together hoping to drive people to drink, while vendors offer every imaginable thing, from shoes to lanterns to spices. At night, a food market unfolds with a maze of sellers grilling meats and other local delicacies, such as sheep heads. This is a show you don't want to miss and it's a bargain too!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok, Thailand

This is one of the most intense shopping experiences you'll ever have, with over 15 000 vendors selling just about everything – if it’s buyable, you’ll find it! Once you’re deep in the bowels of Chatuchak, it will seem like there’s no order and no escape, but the market is arranged into relatively coherent sections. Use the clock tower as a landmark! Also, it’s a good idea to arrive hungry as a plethora of food stalls serve a delectable world of treats, from spicy noodle dishes to deep-fried insect snacks.

Khan el-Khalili

Cairo, Egypt

Feel like a stroll through history? This market dates back to the 14th century! The skinny lanes of Khan el-Khalili are basically a medieval-style mall with more than 900 shops arranged around small courtyards, stocking everything from traditional handicrafts, jewellery, perfume and ornate glassware to soap powder, spices and semi-precious stones. If you dare to purchase anything, be prepared to bargain – here, the act has been lifted to an art form!

Temple Street Night Market

Hong Kong

When the sun goes down, the lights go on and the traders come out. It’s a bustling and lively open-air rush of people, smells, sounds and colour from sunset to midnight! Here you’ll find an array of bargain deals from jade stone trinkets to ward off evil, tea sets and cheap gadgets to fortune tellers, karaoke and a maze of food stalls. Few experiences in the world compete with a visit to an Asian night market, and Hong Kong's Temple Street is no exception.

Pike Place Market

Seattle, USA

This covered market is the epicentre of fresh produce and speciality foods. Bring your appetite and explore many owner-operated bakeries, fisheries, butcher shops and various produce stands. The famous seafood counter, where vendors toss enormous whole fish to one another, is always a drawcard, but don’t forget to admire the abundance of beautiful fresh flowers, booksellers, antique dealers, craft stores and artisan cheesemakers. Originally established in 1907 to connect citizens and farmers, Pike Place Market has been doing a great job of it ever since!

The top must-see market in your town!


Bay Harbour Market

A vibrant hub of creativity, culture and cuisine, this indoor weekend market is a real celebration of all things local. Think traditional food with great vegetarian and vegan options. Plenty to drink, from delicious raw juices to refreshing craft beer. A dynamic mix of traders where you’ll find everything from artwork, vintage clothing and beautiful jewellery, to vinyl EPs and extraordinary memorabilia. Enjoy the buzz of brilliant live music right on the seafront, and for those cold winter days, a massive fireplace to keep things cosy.


Victoria Street Market

Set in a huge building that resembles something of a Maharajah’s palace, ‘The Vic’ (as the Market is fondly known) is a thriving bargaining bazaar that adds to the pulse of the city. The smell of spices and incense permeates the air in a relaxed blend of Durban's Afro-Oriental atmosphere. Pick up some great bargains – from fresh produce and spices to fine cut jewellery, brass ornaments, souvenirs, crafts, clothing and fabrics.


Market on Main

This typically Jozi-centric space has been transformed from a 1900s warehouse to a thriving hub of young and aspiring entrepreneurs and upcoming local designers, who showcase their wares every weekend. This is inner-city lifestyle at its best – relaxed, creative and passionate! Also, it's a foodie paradise where you can enjoy a variety of local and international cuisines. Plus, there are plants, herbs, fresh produce, flowers, clothing and vintage items.