Advanced Driver Training

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  • Nov 13, 2013
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Most drivers we share the road with have little if any of the skills needed to drive safely. In our previous column we considered these excuses:

1.       “It’s going to cost too much”

2.       “It’s still too expensive”

Making Good Business Sense...

3.       “We don’t have the budget for it”

And here are some more:

4.       “There’s a cut back on spending – the boss would never approve it”

Okay, so the boss is trying to save money. But train six drivers for only R8 100 and the annual fuel saving will be in the region of R15 000 annually – starting from day one! Avoid just one crash and you have saved another few thousand. If the boss still needs convincing, let them try the pilot course. They will be convinced it’s the right thing to do.

5.       “We have too many drivers to train”

It’s likely that 70% of drivers cause no problem. Usually 80% of collisions and excessive maintenance costs are caused by the other 30% of drivers. Training just these drivers can be unbelievably effective. Imagine 50% of your claims disappearing, 50% of your paperwork gone. How much are you spending on claims administration? Wouldn’t it be better to treat the disease instead of the symptoms?

6.       “We don’t have the time to take our drivers off the road”

Surely, one would prefer to plan when drivers are off the road rather than have a careless collision decide that for you? How many half-days have been lost due to accidents in the last six months? A defensive driving course can be as little as one half-day and its flexibility is such that it will minimise disruption to the business. It can even be arranged for off-duty time on evenings and weekends.

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