Max Payne 3

Game Guru Rating: 90%

If you’re turned off by how bad the movie was, don’t be. This isn’t some badly acted Hollywood flop; it’s an intense action thriller that allows you to ‘be the actor’. The writer’s have delivered a plot that draws you into the happenings of Max Payne’s new life outside of New York as he tries to battle the demons from his past. His character is flawed, but his intentions have a certain amount good to them.

The gun play in Max Payne is realistic and will have you ducking and diving on the comfort of your living room floor. Even though it’s very violent, the scenes set in this instalment of the franchise are beautiful, giving you a sense of involvement in the world you fight in everyday. We found very little wrong with Max Payne 3 and considering most sequels normally fail to deliver on the success of preceding titles, this game is a step above our expectations.