NBA 2K14 (XBOX 360)

Since ESPN left South African television, American sports are actually becoming more popular on this side of the Atlantic. With SuperSport buying the rights to air baseball, American football, Nascar and basketball, we are becoming more familiar with the workings of these popular sports. Having always been a fan of the Madden franchise and the NBA series of games, we were super excited to get our hands on the latest installment of NBA 2K14 for review. Basketball is one of the fastest-growing sports in Africa and being able to live the dream in the NBA through this game should make it a very popular buy. Besides the regular game modes and the opportunity to take on your mates with all your favourite teams, the best part about this game is becoming a ‘real’ NBA player by developing your character from a college graduate all the way to a basketball super star earning the big bucks. The game’s graphics are beyond reproach and once you learn the rules, it’s very easy to play. Winning does pose a challenge when you start, but as your player’s skills grow, so will yours and before you know it, you will believe you can really shoot hoops with the best basketball players on the planet. This game is a slam-dunk and can provide endless hours of entertainment.