Need a Digital Detox?

Reduce your digital consumption and enjoying a bit more balance

  • by onRoute
  • Oct 5, 2017
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Go out!

Studies prove time and again that the most influential conversations happen face-to-face! Take yourself out for a walk, out for coffee, to the local fruit and veg store, chill on a park bench or browse through the local shops. These are sure ways to strengthen your real-life social skills.

Read the Newspaper

We live in a digitally demanding world, where being connected is a necessity. We’re not discounting the advantages of having the world at our fingertips, but being glued to your electronic device has a profound effect on both your physical and mental health.

Instead of scrolling through news feeds on a tiny screen, being distracted by a million ads and never quite getting to the end of any article, pick up a paper and read it!

Charge your phone away from your bed

This way you will receive no unexpected message or Facebook notification in the middle of the night. Such sweet pleasure to appreciate an undisturbed sound night’s sleep.

Workout with no music

Whether it’s a jog through the park or on the treadmill at gym, working out with no music allows your brain some room to focus. Plus, there’s no better motivation than the sound of your own heartbeat, as you sweat it out.

Make a bet

No one wants to lose money! Why not make a bet with someone who is also in need of a digital detox to see who can survive without their digital device? Start out small, like dedicate a weekend to being phone-free. Bet you can do it!

Look in the mirror

No more selfies! Look in the mirror instead. You’ll improve your self-esteem, be in the moment and when you do start taking those selfies again you’ll know all your perfect angles!

Embrace the Arts

Instead of sitting on the couch binge watching that Netflix series everyone is talking about, go out and watch a play, some live comedy or a musical performance. There’s something quite thrilling about live stage performance that keeps you in the moment, appreciating the talent.

Delete Social Media                                                                                

Deleting social media apps from your phone will most likely lead to less attachment to it. Who really needs to check their Twitter timeline every two minutes anyway?

Find a hobby

Let’s be honest, our digital devices are total time wasters because when we do have a free moment, there seems to be nothing better to do. But there is! You can volunteer at a charity of your choice, learn to play a musical instrument or simply dedicate some quality time to yourself. By filling up your free time with stuff you enjoy, digital detoxing will occur without you even noticing.

Turn it off!

Switch your phone off and immediately you’ll begin to notice the finer details you so easily overlooked. No distractions leads to a more upbeat, positive, and engaged mind-set. By simply turning your phone off for a few hours a day, you will start to see the world in a different way. We dare you!