New holiday reads

An Unquiet Place

An Unquiet Place is a debut by Clare Houston. A woman finds the diary of a young girl that dates to the days leading up to the Anglo Boer War and the war itself. In it, young Rachel tells of the boy she likes, her family – and how they got split up, sent to different camps. An unexpected but very realistic twist will leave the reader reeling. R260

Green as the Sky is Blue

Green as the Sky is Blue is the English translation of Eben Venter’s Groen soos die Hemel Daarbo, which recently won the Hofmeyr Prize. Simon, an exiled Afrikaans writer, is a man of the world who lives a life of freedom and unfettered pleasure in Australia. But his ageing mother has the most tenacious grip on Simon. She’s adored and wise, yet unbearable for her fits of pettiness and bourgeois racism. R260

New top reads for the holidays by local authors.

The Theory of Flight

The Theory of Flight is a debut by Zimbabwean author Siphiwe Ndlovu, written in a magical realism style – much like Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It’s set in an unnamed country (Zim) and tells the story of Genie, from her childhood during the civil war, to her days on the streets and the love she found there. The author’s light approach counters the seriousness of the issues she addresses. R270

The Last Stop Safari Shop

The Last Stop Safari Shop by Zambian-born Clair Cholajda is set in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania in the late 1980s and 90s. It charts the crossing of paths of Marius from Cape Town, Astrid, a young Swiss woman and Evelyn, a Rhodesian war widow. Under the transformative power of the ‘Africa-ness’ of Africa, the three unlikely friends begin to heal. R250

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